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Utility Energy Programs

Colorado's utilities offer a wide range of energy related programs. Select you utility from the list below to find out what programs are offered by your utility.

Energy Design Assistance
Xcel Energy
Build energy efficiency into your commercial or industrial new construction or renovation projects! SiteWise from Xcel Energy brings you Energy Design Assistance with the objective of encouraging greater design team cooperation and integrated building system analysis for new construction projects. The program offers building owners, architecture and engineering firms, and developers the opportunity to participate in an integrated design process to identify and implement cost-effective energy efficiency strategies early in the design process.
Contact: Business Solutions Center, 800.481.4700

Xcel Energy
Reduce your energy costs by improving the efficiency of your building's existing operating system without incurring capital expenses with Recommissioning brought to you by SiteWise from Xcel EnergySM. We'll even help you cover some of the costs associated with identifying and implementing ways your company can reduce peak electric demand and conserve energy. Recommissioning is an energy conservation program that gives you more control over your energy expenses by identifying system operating, control, and maintenance problems you may not even know exist. Eligibility: Recommissioning is available to large, Front-Range commercial and industrial customers who receive retail electricity from Xcel Energy. To qualify, your building must be a minimum of 75,000 square feet and have a minimum summer peak demand of 300 kW.
Contact: Business Solutions Center, 800.481.4700

Saver's Switch®
Xcel Energy
Save money cooling your business this summer. As summer temperatures soar, so does your need for air conditioning — which usually means higher electric bills. OperationWise from Xcel Energy brings you Saver's Switch — stay cool and comfortable all summer while keeping your energy costs down when you let us cut back on the time your air conditioning cools your business.
Contact: Business Solutions Center, 800.481.4700

Xcel Energy
Coloradans now have the opportunity to buy wind-generated electricity through Public Service Co. of Colorado's Windsource program. Windsource is an environmentally sound energy choice that lets you buy part or all of your electricity from a wind "farm" under construction in northeastern Colorado.
Contact: Xcel Energy – Windsource, 800.895.4999

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