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Colorado Building and Energy Codes

Below you will find the energy code information for the listed jurisdiction. If no information is listed, we do not have that information.


Building Code:   IBC 2003
Residential Code:   IRC 2003
Mechanical Code:   IMC 2003
Plumbing Code:   IPC 2003
Energy Code:   IECC 2003 by reference in IRC
Fuel Gas Code:   IFGC 2003
Fire Code:   IFC 2003
Electric Code:   NEC 2005
Property Maintenance Code:   IPMC 2003
Existing Building Code:   IECB 2003

Walls R-21; Windows Low-E; Doors R-2.86; Ceilings R-38, Walls to garage R-19; Heated garage - same as house; Basement walls R-13; Floors R-21; Crawlspace R-21; Cantilever Floors R-30; Slab edge R-7.5;

Contact Information:
Mark Sniffen
Building Official
201 W. Virginia Ave
Gunnison, CO 81230
970.641.8151 fax: 970.641.8051

If you work for this entity and see any incorrect information, please send an email to with any corrections or to request a username and password to update this information yourself.

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