ArcView Shapefile Download Site

Various ArcView Geographic Information Systems (GIS) shapefiles (*.shp) can be downloaded from this site and used in conjunction with the data provided. Shapefiles can be viewed and used to create custom maps of Colorado using ArcExplorer, public domain software downloadable free from the Environmental Systems Research Institute homepage online at:

The following files are available in a self-executable WinZip archive. To unzip the archive, simply double-click the archive icon and follow the instructions for selecting a location for the unzipped files. The file archive includes instructions on the use of the shapefiles and a metadata file explaining the data sources used and the quality of the maps:

Winzip archive name (select name to download) File size
File description
Lakes 52 Colorado lakes, ponds, wetlands
Rivers 323 Colorado rivers and streams
Counties 40 Colorado county boundaries
Federal 79 Federally owned lands in Colorado
Data Sites 30 National Climatic Data Center data sites
Transmission 81 Colorado electric transmission lines
Highways 843 Colorado highways and interstates
Wind Speed 46 Colorado wind speed and power density

*This is an ArcView Project (.apr) with data for all sites in a text file format linked to the individual data sites on the map of Colorado. While individual shapefiles (*.shp) can be used with ArcExplorer, the project itself must be used with ArcView 3.0, ArcInfo, or other Geographic Information Systems software compatible with the shapefile format.