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American Solar Technology
(Submitted: 1/13/2007 12:01:41 PM)
Description :  American. Solar. Technologies. LLC. The Mazdon system consists of a special “dry” connecting copper manifold, and stainless steel support with solar collector tubes. The system has been designed to ensure that the condenser or ‘heat exchanger’ at the top of each solar tube never comes into direct contact with the water circulating in the system, while assuring a highly efficient heat transfer process. The high quality insulation in the manifold ensures minimal heat loss. Special Features • Special ‘dry connection’ to manifold, particularly suitable for regions with high chloride water quality. • High performance, even in adverse weather conditions due to vacuum insulation. • Self-limitation of maximum working temperature to 250 °F, using bi-metal disk technology. • The ‘heat-pipe’ technology ensures high heat transfer and low heat capacity. • Ease of installation - each tube can be installed individually. • Minimum maintenance requirement - a single tube can be replaced at a time. • High durability and reliability, due to the high quality of the materials used in the manufacturing process. 5265 Turquoise Dr Colorado Springs. Co. 80918 719-433-0186
Service Region :  All of Colorado
Address 1 :  5265 Turquoise Dr
Address 2 : 
City :  Colorado Springs
State :  CO
Postal Code :  80918
Website :
Contact Name :  Steve Herrera
Contact Email :
Contact Phone :  719-433-0186 or 720-219-6111
Contact FAX :  719-213-2375
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