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Heating System Efficiency Table

The following table will give you a rough idea of your current heating system efficiency. The better the condition and the more preventive maintenance it has had, the higher the efficiency:

Heating System Type Efficiency
Natural Gas, Propane and Oil Furnaces & Boilers
  30 years + .50-.60
  15-30 years .60-.65
  10-15 years .65-.70
  Newer Boiler .75-.80
  Newer Induced Draft Furnace
   (has fan to blow exhaust up the chimney)
  Newer Sealed Combustion
   (usually has a PVC air intake and exhaust)
  High Efficiency Boiler
  Newer Sealed Combustion
   (usually has a PVC air intake and exhaust)
  High Efficiency Furnace
Electric Resistance
  Baseboard, Electric Furnace, Ceiling Radiant 1.0
Heat Pumps
  Older Air-to-Air 1.5-1.8
  Newer Air-to-Air 2.0-2.2
  Water (Ground) Source 2.8-3.2

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